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KOMACHI PREMIUM SOLID TIRE.  Our premium three-layer tire with steel reinforcing wires for long service life and comfortable ride under all conditions.

At VS Industry KOMACHI solid tires are under constant development as we strive to give our customers longer and more efficient service for the lowest cost per hour of use. KOMACHI tires are designed to be used around the clock under the most demanding conditions. Our premium rubber compound is specially formulated to evenly dissipate heat, resist chunking and cracking and long tread wear all while giving a comfortable ride

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KOMACHI Solid Tire Construction

All KOMACHI Premium tires are built with three layers of specially formulated compound and steel bead wire

  • A: Steel reinforcing wire around the bead seat helps the tire maintain a tight fit on the rim and also keeps the shape of the tire.

  • B: The inner layer of rubber is specially formulated with fiber reinforcement for added toughness and durability.

  • C: The middle layer is the section of the tire that produces the most heat. The rubber compound here was developed to help dissipate heat more evenly throughout the tire to reduce damage and keep overall tire temperatures down.

  • D: The tread layer rubber compound is designed for good traction and long wear. This layer also resists cutting and chunking low rolling resistance

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